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Community Manager ashliem Community Manager
Community Manager

The latest firmware update for our Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2’s is mainly focused on bug fixing. Here’s what’s changed.
Device: LH1000
Firmware Version: V0.13.01r
Current Duma OS Version: 3.0.175   Have a question about something in this update?
Visit ...

Level 21: Augmented Mkrtich
Level 21: Augmented

Members of the Brains Trust have identified some unique peculiarities in these modems as they have been revealed in posts and personal experiences. This table includes known differences which may assist customers to identify why certain features may ...

Level 25: The Singularity cf4
Level 25: The Singularity

Symptoms A recent firmware update (18.1.c.512-950-RB or 0.12.09r) enhanced the modem's WiFi security with the addition of Protected Management Frames (PMF). Protected Management Frames is a standard defined by WiFi Alliance to enhance WiFi connectio ...

Level 25: The Singularity Jupiter
Level 25: The Singularity

@cf4 has recently received the Telstra 5G Home Modem, and has written a manual and also performed some test. A few of his findings.The service does not support servers which means that some old style IP cameras and security systems will not be able t ...

Community Manager ashliem Community Manager
Community Manager

Recently we rolled out two firmware updates to our Arcadyan Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2’s. This includes updates relating to our new gaming add-on Game Optimiser, as well as a few additional fixes and changes:   Device: LH1000 Current Firmware Version ...

Community Manager ashliem Community Manager
Community Manager

Getting started - how do I set up my 5G Home Modem? Set up is super easy, the advanced 5G Home Modem connects wirelessly to our 5G network, so there are no ethernet cables or extra boxes. Just plug it in where you get the strongest 5G signal in your ...