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Add existing Iphone to apple DEP



Does anyone know or has anyone been able to get their existing Iphone added to to their apple DEP portal?


We are a enterprise customer and we purshase all of our Iphone from telstra, we have sign up for the Apple DEP and would like to move our current fleet of Iphone into it. i have ask telstra and they tell me to go and ask apple, so i ask apple and they tell me to go and talk to telstra


so anyone done this anyone know how to do this? or is it somthing tesltra is still working on?


Thank you

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Add existing Iphone to apple DEP

It is a clunky system that Apple has introduced, which doesn't make it easy to add iPhones that you already own.


You would need to speak to your Account Representative at Telstra and get them to go through your old orders and get them added to the DEP portal (it is up to Telstra's discretion as to whether they do this - also, it is dependant on whether the order information is still available in their system). You will then be able to assign them.


Also be aware, that if you delete a phone from your DEP portal, you cannot add it back. It will be excluded permanently.

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