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Has anyone been successful in the migration to Telstra Apps marketplace?

Hi there,

In February I got an email and a letter advising that my account will be migrated to Telstra Apps Marketplace in late March.

Well, after wasting plenty of time trying to get through to Tersltra they advised me that it didn't get done and they'd advise me when it got done (so, problem 1 - why can't Telstra advise me that it wasn't done as promsied rather than wasting my time?).  I tried again a few weeks after and it still wasn't working.  The man on the help line said "there's a problem ..." and that I needed to subsctibe to a 1Tb cloud drive, or something similalry obtuse.  There was no mention of any of this in the original email/letter - it was basically "we'll tell you when it's all done" ... so I closed the call. Last week I get an an email from Melbourne IT 

"ACTION REQUIRED to maintain your existing BigPond domain name, email or website service"


So, I click on the link ... and it asks me for a 10 digit account number.  I have no record of a 10 digit account number for this account (and it is not stated on any monthly bill).  So, I go back to the Market Place "getting started" page and it implies that I need to sign up to some Apps (even for a free trial) to setup my account.  Problem 2) there was no mention of this in the original email/letter, 3) I already have the Apps I need e.g. Office365 via a separate subscription.


Now. I've just called Bigpond Help again and was told to "ignore the email from MelbourneIT", as the migration is still a work in progress.  Problem 4) Telstra won't give me a purchase order so I can bill them the amount of my time I've wasted dealing with this.


Problem 5) Why should I respond to anything Telstra sends to me if the likley result is to advised the "ignore it"?


Has anyone else been subjected to this torture and successfully resolved it?




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