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Poor MAC Support

One thing they dont tell you is 365 is very limited for MAC, Outlook for MAC works poorly with Exchange 365, there is no team calendar support and poor use of Sharepoint. Switching to Windows is not the answer as 365 is sold as cross platofrm product, the site even says you get Outlook for mac.....but you dont you have to buy it.

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Re: Poor MAC Support

I completely agree with you...

They sometimes forget that they're selling Office 365, Outlook and etc... Their answers like X doesn't support Mac or Y is not fully functional on Mac is just boasting their monopoly I reckon.

They keep forgetting the fact that they're selling a product and providing support for the product regardless of the OS platform for god sake; not advertising Microsoft and putting down every other product!!


The Outlook on Mac is like early days of Outlook Express on my Windows 98!


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