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Problem viewing PDFs on Share Point site


Adobe Reader There was an error opening this document.  The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is




We have a network of about 50 users, all logging on to one of 3 Terminal Servers. We use Internet Explorer 10 and Telstra's T-Suite Share Point service. We have the occassional user that goes to the Share Point site, attempts to open a PDF document, they get the above error. HOWEVER, they can Save As the document and open it. The can also open any PDF from any location - except for Share Point. Other users on the same Terminal Server can open any pdf on the Share Point site. Clearly it's a setting (in Internet Explorer?) but no idea. Since it's all a virtual desktop, I don't think it's Adobe Reader otherwise everyone would have the problem.

Please realise that with Terminal Server, the applications are stored on the application server and not the local PCs.



User can open ANY PDF from ANY location except from the Share Point site.  That would tell me the file association is correct (which I confirmed) and the Reader itself should be working OK since it opens other PDFs.


I'm not pointing the finger at Telstra but clearly it has to do with an interaction between PDFs on Telstra's site and the way the user is configured.  I'm guessing it must be a setting in IE that needs to be changed.  I checked the securiy settings in IE:

Internet: Medium-high
Local Intranet: Medium-low
Trusted Sites: Medium


I also installed Firefox but it wouldn't let me log on (it kept opening a tab named "Continue", waiting about 10 seconds, then kicking me back to the login screen).


I phoned Telstra but was told that "We are just a retailer for Microsoft". 


If anyone can help or offer any ideas, I would be most appreciative.


Thanking you

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