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Is there anybody from Telstra who read these posts.

If so I need your help.If not is there anybody who can suggest a contact number or email adress that I can submit a complaint to?

I am at my wits end.

I have not been able to access Office 365 for almost 2 months.I am still being charged for the service.

I have case number etc.(catagory B apparently. Catagory A is 24/7 around the clock concerted effort. Obviosly catagory B is a lessor service, mind you there is a catagory C) 

Each time I ring I get told Telstra and Microsoft are working on the.

I rang local telstra business centre,they said they can do nothing.

I am calling 1800 878 483 and writing this while on hold(25 minutes so far)

Operator just picked up.

Back on hold while they look into it.Just like yesterday.

Up to 32 minutes so far.

Speaking to Tom who is trying to help. Apparently Telstra is waiting on Microsoft.

Asked to speak to Tom's supervisor but he is not in today.

Tom suggested I call 132000 complaints which is the best advice I have had so far.Thanks Tom

37 minutes and problem still not solved end of call.

Thank God my business does not depend on Office 365.Beware the cloud is all I can say.


Wayne T


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