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What is wrong with T-Suite

I've been on hold many times over the last few days.

My trial expired, and I figuring that I had placed an order for the licences to be transferred to a standard licence and telstra having a Credit Card on file figured this transaction would be seamless.

We it turns out it isn't, so if you sign up for a trial, it doesn't automatically translate to continue. 

That's fine, so I went to the webiste to try and upgrade the trial, it doesn't work. after an hour on the phone to t-suite, they say it's broken but will be fixed tomorrow.

That's great, client is upset. and telstra can't even extend the trial till they fix their stuff.

on hold again, and this time it's about 20 min and they still haven't answered.


I would not have complained about this normally, but telstras annoying on hold music keeps telling me to "ask the crowd" 

so that's what I'm doing, after over an hour of hearing it over the last few days, what more can you do?

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