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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Just because you’re a small business, doesn’t mean your data isn’t very valuable. With Telstra’s cloud services and security options for small businesses, you can protect your work from data loss and external threats, and find efficient ways to manage the large volume of email you receive.


PC Backup


Losing important data can be devastating for your business’ productivity and morale. With cloud-based Remote Backup MozyPro Desktop, you can have your data automatically backed up to a secure location, offsite. This can help your business quickly recover from a data loss situation, and is available for both servers and desktops.

You can choose from 10GB to 1000GB storage plans, depending on the size of your business and your needs. If you’re a two-person office who mainly deals with emails, for example, you might just need 10GB of storage. If there are five of you working on Photoshop images or video files for your graphic design start-up, you might be better off with 1000GB of storage.


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With Box, you can have all of your employees access your data from any location, and even mobile devices. This is especially useful if you have many team members working on a single file, saving you the hassle of emailing large attachments, and ensuring everyone is working from the latest version of the file. A secure cloud service, Box gives you a centralised hub to store and manage all your content, and can be used by 1 to 10 staff members, making it the perfect tool for small businesses. 

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Endpoint Security


Concerned that not everyone’s desktop, laptop or file servers have the latest defence software installed? With endpoint protection you can manage the installation of applications from market leaders like Symantec and McAfee to individual computers or servers. You can even update all the latest updates from one central location, and choose from a range of applications, depending on the size of your small business.   


Network Security® Safeguard services offers a range of industry-leading, cloud-based email and web security applications.

With the increase of email usage, many small businesses have seen an increase in virus threats, spam and inappropriate content.® Safeguard services can help protect your business from email-borne threats, as well as protect confidential messages, among other tasks.


With a range of options available, you can also choose safeguard services to help protect you from web-based viruses including malware.

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Email archiving


Sick of seeing that “mailbox full” alert? With Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloudTM, you can archive emails using a cloud-based service, reducing space on your servers and helping keep your emails safe and secure. You will also still have easy access to all of your emails through the cloud, whenever you need.

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