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When it comes to managing your services there is no more important document than your monthly bills. On your bill you will find details on your account balance, bill/payment history, support options and ways to pay. While we make every effort to ensure that our bills are as easy to understand as possible there are always situations that can cause confusion.


Let’s go through some of these together, for a more detailed overview check out the bill explainer on our website.


Pro-Rata and/or Your First Bill

All Telstra services are charged one month in advance and if changes are made to a service mid-month then this will result in pro-rata billing on your account. You will also likely find pro-rata billing when connecting new services as the connection date will rarely be the same as your billing date.


Pro-rata billing is basically where we bill you proportionally for your new and old plans for the time that you were on them. We have detailed examples in the bill explainer on our website.


Late Payment Fees

If we don’t receive payment by the due date, you may incur a Late Payment Fee. Late Payment Fees apply to overdue balances of $70 or more and are applied as a flat $15 fee.


Third Party Content Purchases

Premium Mobile Content and Third Party Charges are digital content accessed from your mobile phone, either via Premium SMS or through Telstra Carrier Billing. The content is provided by third parties and includes items such as ringtones, games, navigation services and music streaming. You’ll need to contact the third party provider for more information on the charges. Contact details are provided on your bill.


For more detailed information check out our support article What are Third Party Content Purchases?

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