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Help I can't sms

My phone got barred, I was overseas and unable to pay the bill, I'm home I have paid the bill and the account is un barred. I cannot send text messages, I can receive sms and mms, I can send mms (but not sms) I can use internet, I can make and receive phone calls. The sim does not work on another phone either, (Samsung, mine is Sony) I have checked smsc and have "+61418706700",145 I believe this is ok. Rang tech support they told me it was my phone, but it is the Sim or my account as I have this issue in another phone that works fine with it's original Sim reinstalled. My Sim just won't send messages out. The bot/ people at the online chat don't know what to do with me, they said I'm in an outage.. I'm on the internet, sending mms message's. My daughter (also Telstra) is having no issues.. I need my phone working as I have to go back to work. Please help

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