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Xperia XZ and Xperia X Performance Nougat news

Hi All

Came across this article today and looks like some good news for anyone with the XZ and the X Performance, looks like Sony will be starting the Nougat update as quickly as next month! Remember this is only for unbranded phones so anyone using a Telstra branded phone will have to wait.


More can be found here:


Although Telstra only have the X Performance, it is a good sign that Sony are getting on with it and pushing the software out at a decent time. Could possibly mean the Z series could get as soon as December or early next year. As usual im leaning more towards January but i hope they prove me wrong =)



Note: I am in no way affiliated with Telstra, i simply work in the IT industry and my posts are from experiences.
If you don't want my help simply disregard my post.

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Re: Xperia XZ and Xperia X Performance Nougat news



Yes that's really good news from Sony.


I have a nexus 6P and have had Android 7.0 for a couple of weeks.


For mine there are refinements when compared to Android 6 but nothing earth shattering.


One thing........the split screen business will sure be better on bigger phones IMHO.


Cheers and I'm looking forward to Android 7.1.

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