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Level 1: Cadet

I bought a Telstra 4GX Buzz Mobile Phone and need a cover for it but I am finding it hard to get 1, Any Ideas ???

Level 1: Cadet

Afternoon, I purchased a Basic $29 Telstra Rush (ZTE T792) phone from Coles Sunnybank Hills on 14/9/2015 and it has just failed and won't turn on.  I still have the box, all paperwork and my original proof of purchase. Do I take the phone back to a t ...

Level 1: Cadet

After visiting the Ipswich Riverlink store twice in the past month I'm pretty sure I won't be going there again. Bad service is apparently normal and the wait times are shocking. I had heard from other customers about this store but went in hoping it ...

Level 1: Cadet

Whats the point of going to a store to have the staff not serving with 4 of them standing behind the counter chatting and when they finally go to do the job its the worst possible sevice. Wait times are a joke at points. Fix your custmer service, esp ...

Level 1: Cadet

What are the chances that they will answer a phone?I tried 6 times within a 3 hour period, and they answered once, only to hang up on me instantly.And if you decide to hold on and be put through to someone at Telstra...you better be willing to wait  ...