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Level 1: Cadet

The number (02) 4957-0177 has an answer message: "We are closed. Please ring back on next business day." I also tried the other number listed: (1800) 721-459, but this got me through to Telstra Store at Rosebush????

Level 1: Cadet

Hello,   My phone has been locked through my APPLE ID, Apple have said to send them a copy of my contract where I received my phone from and i believe it was your store/ i started my contract at your store.   Are you able to help? I have my old accou ...

Level 1: Cadet

I am trying to make an appointment at your Kotara store, and it always tells me there are no appointments available, even though I have tried as far away as late next week. I don't believe this to be correct. Can you please advise where to from here? ...

Level 1: Cadet

I am chasing stock availability for a 64gb iphone 6s rose gold?

Community Manager TimBartel Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Everyone,   We’ll be opening early on Friday the 25th of September for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launch. Doors will open from 8am and close at 5:30pm.   Cheers,

Level 1: Cadet

Hey guys
I just re contracted onto an iPhone 6 plus Large plan tonight & forgot to ask how you access the free 6 month presto subscription that comes with the plan as it was not mentioned to me? Feedback would be much appreciated!

Telstra (Retired) Yannick
Telstra (Retired)

Hi Everyone,   We’ll be open from 10:00am to 4:00pm on Monday the 6th of October for labour day.

Yannick P - Community Manager

Level 1: Cadet

Hi, could you please tell me if you have any of the iPhone 6 plus 64gb or higher in stock

Level 1: Cadet

Hi, just a quick question to your iPhone 6 silver or grey 128gb levels.