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With Doctor Strange, Marvel Studios steps away from clever engineering or comic-book-science, and takes the leap into full-blown magic. Both the imagined and cinematic kind.
Despite the odds, Ouija has become a film franchise. But more than just that, with its second installment it’s become a good film franchise.
The hero of The Da Vinci Code is back, this time trying to save the lives of everyone on the planet, the only problem? He has amnesia and can’t even remember his own middle name.
A young woman goes missing without a trace, and the obsession of a lonely voyeur could be the key to cracking the case. But did they do more than just watch this time?
A decent western is a rare thing these days, and people aren't often kind to remakes of classics, but rest assured The Magnificent Seven is everything you'll want from both.
Love it or hate it, the found footage sub-genre of horror is synonymous with the words “Blair Witch”, so it’s only fitting the latest installment in the franchise revitalizes both the mythos and the sub-genre.